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Perfected Praise Youth Ministries, Inc. 


To provide a Christ-centered ministry that transforms lives. We offer positive solution-based services that disrupt and break cycles of dysfunction in individuals and families.


Perfected Praise Youth Ministries, better known as PPYM, Inc. is an expansion birthed out of an outreach ministry that has provided 20 years of successful service to the Wichita Falls area community changing the lives of over 4,000 children. With limited resources, PPYM has aided many disadvantaged children and youth from impoverished homes. PPYM focuses on early childhood education and development, at-risk intervention for youth and rehabilitative and family services.

Early childhood education and development provide a safe and nurturing environment that lays a foundation for educational success by equably providing the physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs of each child. We partner with the Children's Learning Institute and Unversity of Texas Health Science Center at Houston as a Texas School Ready participant.

PPYM provides solution-based services that disrupt and break cycles of dysfunction in at-risk children, youth, and families through the Youth Destiny Center (YDC). Services include basic life skills, critical thinking skills to make and have productive choices, entrepreneur, and business skills. 

Rehabilitative and family services empower through: educational workshops, support groups, job creation with employment opportunities with employment opportunities through coaching and mentoring.

PPYM, Inc. is a registered non-profit in the State of Texas and has attained its classification as a public charity from the Internal Revenue Service. 

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